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Enhancement Services

Set Your Vehicle Apart From the Rest
Painted Calipers

Ultimate Shield has developed our two-part paint epoxy which now offers the highest heat resistance on the market (up to 980 degrees).  The paint adds a great styling touch to any brake caliper ultimately highlighting already stylish show-through rims.  Not only will this add style and personalization to your vehicle, but it offers great chemical and physical protection to the caliper.  Brake fluids and dust, road salt, dirt, even loose gravel can't harm the high-gloss finish of our caliper paint system.

  • Adds personalized touch

  • Factory finish wont peel or fade

  • Available in Custom colors

  • Lifetime Warranty

Pricing: $1399 (set of 4)
add $200 for logos/ additional clear
Smoked Taillights & Signals

Designed for both off-road and show vehicles it offers a distinct look appreciated by many.  Developed from a proprietary urethane material coupled with the strongest optically clear adhesive our 4 mil Tailight film is available in light and dark smoked. It is also easily removable if necessary (unlike your painted alternative).  We also offer a painted version for those who prefer it.

  • Adds a personalized touch

  • Tones down bright red, amber, or orange lights

  • Available in light or dark smoked

  • Lifetime Warranty

Pricing: $350 (Headlight or tailight set)
$35-$60 for side marker, third brake, signals, etc
Black Out and Accents

Customizing the little details on your vehicle is a great way to stand out in a crowd and make it your own.  Whether is chrome delete you're after where we black out all the chrome trim, emblems, exhaust tips etc; or full hood or roof panels.  Or maybe you are looking for accent stripes or custom carbon fiber detail that add to the look that so many appreciate.   We use the best films and painting methods available giving you the look you desire and the quality you deserve!

  • Adds a Personalized Touch

  • Unlimited Customization Options

  • Lifetime Warranty

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