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When Quality Matters, Few Can Be Trusted

This Info Will Help You as a consumer research and understand the PPF (Paint Protection Film) industry so as to make an apples to apples comparison when shopping for your vehicle's protection. Whether you choose our company or not, you will now be able to make an educated decision which is far superior to shopping on price alone.

Below are several important aspects of a clear bra's look and performance that one must consider. Installation, Patterns, Film, and Warranty are the 4 fundamentals of PPF and each aspect varies greatly from installer to installer. It is not any one of these aspects, like many installers tout, rather the totality of the whole that will ensure your satisfaction. Ultimate Shield offers a value in quality and service to our distinguished clients that is unmatched by others and you will see why.

Installation: All clear bra installers are not created equal! The best film and patterns in the world mean nothing without an excellent installer. The procedure is not rocket science but experience and a complete understanding of the film and patterns proves invaluable for a professional install. We are trained through Xpel and certified with 3M, Avery, and Venture films.

Although the training and certification sounds good, as in most professions, it takes a back seat to real life experience. We have been professionally installing the clear bra since 1999 and have protected thousands of vehicles. We are not a wholesale dealership installer rather we specialize in high end retail vehicles. There is nothing wrong with dealership work, we just prefer dealing with the vehicle owners directly thus demanding the highest level of workmanship.

Many local installers refer us their more difficult installs and we have customers driving hundreds of miles to see us at times. Unfortunately, we end up redoing about 2-3 kits a month that some other so-called "professional" has botched up. Not to mention the damage such as razor blade marks, film damage and paint scratches that many inexperienced installers leave behind. Many installers charge very low or break even fees so they can get the experience. You have to ask yourself if you really want to volunteer your vehicle to help them with their learning curve.

Patterns: All patterns are not created equal! Several companies create their own libraries of digitized computer cut patterns for each vehicle. Their design philosophies are quit apparent and vary greatly.

  • Free Patterns: There are a few companies providing Free Patterns to installers as a sales tool for the film they manufacture. You can easily see their priorities in film sales vs. pattern design as most of the kits are poorly fitting. These patterns are designed as quickly as possible because quite frankly they have better things to do, like sell film. Many installers go this route to offer a cheaper price. As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for" and in this case Free patterns are worth every penny.

  • D.I.Y. Patterns: Many patterns found on the Internet are meant for the do-it-yourselfer. This is unjust to the educated consumer for two reasons; 1. The patterns usually offer less coverage and come with several relief cuts. These help to aid in the ease of installation but do nothing for the appearance and protection of the vehicle. 2. Using the least amount of film is a priority for these patterns. This means separating a one-piece kit into several spliced pieces so that it can be situated on the film to use less product. This keeps Internet prices as well as some installer's costs much lower. It may sound good until you consider that they are sacrificing quality and looks by literally "cutting corners".

  • Bulk Film Patterns: Some installers use bulk film to keep costs down (no download or pattern fees). They stretch and install the full sheet onto the area to be covered and then hand cut the pattern right on the paint. This means a razor blade thousands of an inch from your paint (hopefully). With an excellent installer, this is a valid option and allows extra flexibility for vehicles that don't have the desired patterns available. We actually use this method on race cars, hot rods, classics, etc. The problem is that 9 out of 10 installers our not worthy of the "excellent installer" title and you can imagine the damage that can be done with a razor blade.

  • Our Patterns: We manufacture our kits via a D.A.P. software program and computerized plotter. This means we have the best patterns available real time, at the push of a button. We pay a premium for each kit downloaded but the price is well worth it. The fit and coverage is second to none and after searching all other options we are proud to be allied with a company that designs its patterns with the overall appearance and protection in mind. Saving money on download fees, having more pieces to ease installation and less coverage to save on material costs are not viewed as a benefit by us. Providing the best available protection to our clients is. All kits are designed as one piece when ever possible. Looks, Fitment, and Coverage are top priority and all patterns are double test fitted before ever becoming available. We also are able to offer options such as full hoods, bikini cuts, and wrapped edges for certain vehicles. Our team works feverishly to have patterns available as soon as the new models hit the dealership helping Ultimate Shield do it right (and right away) the first time.


*side note; installers that plot their own kits via computer on sight are much more likely to fix a piece that isn't perfect (e.g. piece of dust under film) while an installer that orders the kits will more likely take the "see if it flies" route.

Films: All films are not created equal! We carry the top 3 film manufactures: 3M, Suntek, and Xpel. Ultimate Shield stocks 1000's of dollars in extra inventory to cater to our customers needs and provide the best service possible. The overall choice is left to the customer and pricing remains the same for any of the films. All 3 are top-notch films and carry a minimum of 7-10 year manufacturer warranty.

We are up-front and honest about the fact that there is no "perfect film". We will help you make an educated decision for your particular situation based on vehicle shapes, colors, and conditions that suit you best. If you have a film preference just let us know, otherwise we will provide the film we feel works best determined on an individual basis.

Warranty: Our films are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials for 10 years from date of purchase as covered by the manufacturer. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, or ordinary wear. Above and beyond we stand behind our product and workmanship unconditionally. With proper care and maintenance it will not peel, crack, fade, or damage the paint. We guarantee it for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. We also provide our clients with a lifetime warranty on our installations. No fine print or hoops to jump through, just 100% customer satisfaction.

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