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Caring For ClearPlex

Apply a small amount of ClearX HD to your ClearPlex film at the time that the film is installed on your windshield, and at

least every month during the life of the ClearPlex film.

Remove any debris from the windshield wipers.  Debris not removed prior to using the windshield wipers can scratch the


Always use washer fluid when cleaning the windshield with wipers. Do not run the windshield wipers dry, as dry debris on

the wipers or windshield can scratch the film.

Use only approved treatments on ClearPlex film in order to protect the hard coat and maintain the original condition of the film.

Do not use any sort of acid wash on ClearPlex film, as it will ruin the film.

Do not use sharp objects on the ClearPlex film. Windshield scrapers are fine, just make sure any type of scraper edge is

not chipped or pitted. If your scraper is damaged, immediately replace your scraper before use on the film.

Clean ClearPlex film regularly to remove staining items such as tree sap, bird droppings, tar, oils and bugs. Avoid using

any cleaning solutions that contain petroleum distillates, alcohol and silicone oils or like ingredients. Use a mild soap with water mixture, and a soft cloth to clean.

When cleaning your vehicle and/or windshield, do not point high-pressure washer water directly at the windshield.  Do not put the exit of the high-pressure washer water within three feet of the windshield.  Use soft brushes or cloths to clean the windshield, and use the water to rinse the film.  This will prolong the life of the scratch resistant coating.


Drying and curing time is necessary for proper bonding of ClearPlex film to your windshield. To insure initial bonding, do not use a high-pressure wash for a minimum of 72 hours after installation.   Complete cure time can take up to 15 days and residual moisture may be evident during this cure time.

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