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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Paint Protection Film

What is PPF or the “Clear Bra”?

PPF (Paint Protection Film) or the “Clear Bra” is an 8 mil. thermoplastic film that is professionally applied to the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle to prevent costly damage from rock, road debris, and insects, thus preserving the value and beauty of the painted finish.

Where did it originate?

The film was originally developed for the military in Desert Storm to prevent damage to helicopter rotor blades as the dirt and dust would dull them.  It eventually moved into the racing industry to protect the sponsor clad paint jobs that used to require a repaint after every race.  Now it is available to our clients to protect their daily drivers, RV’s, exotics, motorcycles and race cars.

What gets covered?

The sky is the limit as we can cover just about every square inch of the vehicle if desired.  Our typical precut kits are available for the most susceptible areas of damage; Hoods, fenders, mirrors, bumpers, headlamps, wheel wells, door sills, rocker panel, etc.  Click here to see your exact vehicle.

Can it be removed and what happens if it is?

Yes the film can be removed at any time with no damage to the paint.  The covered portion of the vehicle will remain pristine.  The rest of the vehicle will depend on how it was maintained and as long as it had been regularly washed and waxed there would be no indication that a film was ever installed.


Can I see it?

A slight line is visible from certain angles where the film ends on the hood and fenders(unless a whole hood wrap is desired).  The headlamp and bumper kits are nearly undetectable as they follow body lines.  For those apposed to the line the 2 options remain; chipped and pitted paint or a very apparent black bra.

Will it yellow?

The film technology has come a long way since its origination and although a small degree of discoloring is normal depending on how it’s been maintained; most vehicle colors show no sign of yellowing or fading years and years after installation.

How long will it last?

While our film manufactures offer a minimum 5 year warrantee clinical test have shown an average lifespan of 7-10 years with no loss of appearance or protective function. 

How do I care for the clear bra?

Simply wash and wax the film as you would the rest of the vehicle.  After waxing a once over any edges with a micro-fiber or q-tip prevents wax build up.  For our Non-Clear coated films; Avery and Venture, we highly recommend the frequent use of Plexus spray vs. a conventional sealant or carnauba wax.

How long does installation take?

Typical installations range from 2- 4 hours for most cars.  You are welcome to drop the vehicle off or hang out on the Cadi couch and take in a movie on the flat screen.  We provide snacks and refreshments on the house.

I found a guy that will do it for $50 cheaper, will you match his price.

We will not price match.  The fact is that Ultimate Shield uses premium pattern designs, film coverage, films and install techniques.   We also provide a level of customer service and warranty that are unparalleled by our competition.   While there are time and monetary costs associated with those facts we are proud to provide the highest level of installation excellence to our clients.    We offer a premium service at a very fair price and are not affected by what others charge.

What is the Warranty?

Our films are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials for 5 years from date of purchase as covered by the manufacturer.  This warrantee does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, or ordinary wear.  Above and beyond we stand behind our product and workmanship unconditionally.  With proper care and maintenance it will not peel, crack, fade, or damage the paint.  We guarantee it for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.  We also provide our clients with a lifetime warrantee on our installations.  No fine print or hoops to jump through, just 100% customer satisfaction. 


What if my car has been repainted or touched up?

We can install the film over repaints but most body shops will recommend about 30 days for the paint to fully cure.   The paint job is only as good as the prep job and because there is no way to be sure of the prep job, Ultimate will not be held liable for any paint damage associated with a repainted vehicle.

 Do I need to prep the car before our appointment?

Although we do a thorough 3 step cleaning process before installation we appreciate a vehicle that is free from excess dirt and road grime.

Can I install this film myself?

It is of course possible to do a self install but we discourage it.  The film is expensive to begin within and gets even more expensive when you have to replace a blotched piece.   Proper installation is an art and requires a great deal of understanding and experience with the film.  We are constantly reminded of this when we see other so-called “professional” installations that leave much to be desired. 

What are some characteristics of a poorly installed clear bra?

The idea is to basically install a one dimensional piece of film on a 3 dimensional object.  This creates plenty of issues for all but the most competent installers: 

  • Stretch marks- Visually significant change in texture due to improper stretch technique.A small amount is acceptable around compound curves but should be very minimal.

  • Silvering- Tiny white or silver looking specs clumped together caused by adhesive disturbance where the film had adhered unevenly to the body panel due to improper technique.

  • Misalignment- Excessive gap from body edge to film end caused from improper alignment and stretching or poor pattern design.1/16 gap is the target.

  • Air/ water bubbles- Poor squeegee technique has left either air or water where it shouldn’t be.

  • Lift marks- A straight line raised slightly represents where the film was improperly pulled back up after adhering thus disturbing the adhesive at the point it was pulled back to.

  • Dust or Hair- Dirty installation environment leaving unwanted matter underneath the film.

  • Razor cuts- If it don’t fit, cut it.Unfortunately for many unsuspecting consumers there is a very fine line between those who have mastered trimming on a vehicle and the other 90% that haven’t.Ouch!

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