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Release of Liability: I acknowledge that there is a risk of damage to my vehicle that may occur as a result of installing or removing film, and I release Ultimate Shield of liability for any such damages. In most instances the film can be removed safely and with no issues, however painting is a process and if for any reason during that process a weaker link then the film adhesion is created  (eg. improper prep, cure time between primer/paint/ clear stages, materials used, etc), damage may occur.  This is mostly seen with aftermarket repaints that aren’t OEM standard quality repairs or don’t refinish full interior and exterior of the panel;  but can also happen with factory paint jobs and/or factory applied films.  I also understand that damage can occur as a result of normal installation processes, removal procedures, or from any other unforeseeable factors. If my vehicle was brought in dirty I understand a thorough walk-around could not be properly completed by the Ultimate Shield team. In this case I acknowledge that they are not liable for any scratches or minor damages that may have been pre-existing on my vehicle. I have had the opportunity to ask any questions prior to my installation and fully release Ultimate Shield of any damages to my property. Some damages that are rare but can occur are damages to: electrical/electronics, interior headliners, interior cloth or leather, clips, door panels, rubber gaskets and sils, glass (cracks, scratches, breakage), and paint. Please note this is not a conclusive list.

By signing this form I understand and accept all of Ultimate Shields' workmanship standards, storage requirements, and payment terms. A 3.5% fee on all credit/debit transactions will be applied. There is no fee for payments made online with a checking/savings account number or in person with a personal, business, or cashiers check and/or cash. Unless otherwise arranged, projects that are not picked up within 48 hours may incur a storage fee. I also acknowledge that no paint protection, vinyl installation, ceramic coating or tint job is perfect. Our team takes great care during installations to ensure that we give you a job we are proud of. Our installers will redo any pieces that are not to our shop's standards. Just like any trade service our trade is an art and you can anticipate some minor contamination/ imperfections in any job.


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