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Clear Bra

Keep Your Vehicle Looking New with Paint Protection Film
The Problem

The Freeway is a battle zone and our cars are the victims. Today's paint finishes are much more vulnerable than paints of the past. The daily abuse we put them through wreaks havoc on the vehicles appearance and resale value.  Unfortunately, going without paint protection these days means inevitable damage.

The Solution

You now have a choice that will keep your vehicle looking new for years to come. Ultimate Shield has created a way to effectively put an end to costly damage and preserve the beauty and integrity of your automotive finish. It has been proven for years in the military and racing industry and now on your daily driver and/or exotic.

Ultimate Shield has Mastered the Art of Paint Protection

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Self- Healing Film

  • Guaranteed Craftsmanship

  • Custom and Computer Cut Patterns

  • Will Not Harm Paint

  • 99.5% Invisible

Paint Protection
The Material

We carry Xpel Ultimate Plus and Suntek Ultra films as we believe these to be the best in the industry.  The films offer an 8 mil thick thermoplastic coating that are guaranteed not to peel, yellow, crack, or fade and can be removed with no harm to the factory paint.   They are covered with a 10 year warranty to ensure long term protection.  Once applied the film is virtually maintenance free, just wash and wax over it as you would the rest of the vehicle.


Ultimate Shield is ideal for protecting all painted surfaces; from high impact & wear areas to total vehicle coverage. Most vehicles are computer cut by make and model to insure a perfect fit using the best patterns available.  We typically then modify these patterns (or bulk install) to allow the most protection and visibly seamless installations possible. 


Standard packages include: Partial Hood/ Partial Fenders/ Mirrors/Bumper/& Headlamps.  Premium Packages include Full Hood/ Full Fenders/ Mirrors/ Bumper/ and Headlights.  Other options include: Rocker Panels, Wheel Arches, Door Edges, etc.  Many highline vehicle owners decide to go with full coverage not only to reap the protection benefits but also to enjoy easier maintenance and the "always detailed look".   We can even customize unusual vehicles such as Hot Rods, RV's, & Street Bikes.


Ultimate offers more choices and experience than any other paint protection specialist.  Professionally installing film since 1999 and offering more than 17 years of quality installation techniques and knowledge.  Featured in countless news articles and the KTLA channel 5 Morning News they take pride in their workmanship and offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.




"I have been using Sean at Ultimate Shield for years and he always does a detailed professional job and, more importantly, stands behind his work. His crew is great as well and he can do a phenomenal roll over of the film material so the car looks, even close up, as if you do not even have a film protection on the car. Fantastic!"

Dr. Nemetz

Orange County, CA

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Protect Today. Don't Wait Until You See Your First Paint Chip!
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  • Partial Hood, Partial Fenders, Mirrors, Bumper= 4-6 Hours

  • Full Hood, Full Fenders, Mirrors, Bumper, Rockers= 8-12 Hours

  • Full Vehicles = 3-5 Days


Are you wondering what gets covered, if you can see a clear bra, how long installation takes, etc?

Us vs Them

How do our qualifications, patterns, applications & warranty compare to others?

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