WARNING!!! A word on shopping your protection needs on price alone; A common misconception is that since Co. A's services seem identical to Co B's services a simple price comparison will suffice. This is simply untrue as this service allows for several variations and can't be shopped like your new 50in flat screen can. There are significant differences in films, quality and coverage of patterns, installation experience, and warranty. Many companies rely on lower price points to attract price sensitive customers as they are NOT able to compete on quality.

As the saying goes "You get what you pay for". There are many companies starting to offer paint protection film (and other vehicle protection) and they are willing to work for break even profits to gain the experience. Even worse there are veterans in this business that still cut corners and provide less than desirable results. This is very hard to determine initially as an uneducated shopper. To learn more view our Must Read page.

Do you want to volunteer your vehicle to help them with their learning curve or cost cutting ways?

What they offer:
  • Cheap and inferior patterns
  • Excessive stretch marks and blemishes
  • Lifting and peeling edges
  • Unnecessary splices
  • Razor blade cut marks in paint
  • Films that dull and/ or have orange peel
  • Permanent air/ water bubbles
  • Dust and hairs beneath the film
  • Misalignment and poor fitment
  • Poor coverage leaving areas exposed
  • Here today gone tomorrow warranty

Ultimate Shield has been in business for 12 years and been professionally installing film since 1999. We offer the "best bang for the buck" when comparing Installation, Patterns, Film, and Warranty; the 4 fundamentals of PPF. Ultimate Shield provides the highest degree of installation excellence, product choice, and design options to our clientele. We also offer a level of product knowledge, customer service and warranty that are unparalleled by our competition.

What we offer:

  • Premium pattern offerings
  • Perfect alignment and fitment
  • Wrapped and tucked edges
  • One piece coverage whenever possible
  • Optically clear film choices
  • Full panel "seemless" coverage
  • Eight years experience
  • Clean facility and install bay
  • Custom protection available
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Unparalleled warranty
We will be happy to prepare a personalized price quote for your desired protection and exact vehicle. Please fill out the contact form and we will reply with a detailed breakdown including coverage and cost options within 24 hours. Thank you

Some of our customers say it best;

"Someone might be able to get an installation a little cheaper elsewhere, but I would tell them that because of my other installation experience with my Subaru, I know that the bitter taste of poor quality lasts far longer than the fleeting sweetness of an apparent bargain."

"Being somewhat familiar with the product and process having it done to my 330i last year (by someone less capable than yourself!), I was desperate to find someone with the skill to do an install to my high standards."

"I showed the installation to a friend of mine who has had the same product installed on his Porsche, and he wishes that he had used you!"

"I will never own another car without it. Just as important as the product itself is the professional installation. I will never have another clear bra installed by anyone besides Ultimate Auto Care and here is why..."

"Thanks for the quote but I've decided to go with another company due to price. I regretfully admit that I've made the wrong choice. I will keep your information for future reference."

"For all of you who demand nothing but the best for your investment on wheels, Sean Heiland at Ultimate Shield is by far your best deal."

Schedule your installation today! Dont wait for your first rock chip to wish you had.

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